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How to configure the Fogbender Jira integration

How to configure the Fogbender Jira integration

  • Written by Andrei Soroker on

Once configured, the Fogbender Jira integration makes it possible to file Jira tickets directly from a conversations with a customer team.

To configure the integration, go to the Settings section of your Fogbender workspace:


Under Integrations, click the “ADD INTEGRATION” button and select “Jira” from the dropdown.


1. Jira URL → For example, if your Jira issue dashboard is located at


your Jira URL is


2. Jira user → We recommend creating a new non-admin Jira account for this integration. One option is to create an email group such as jira@yourcompany.domain, and use this email for the new Jira account.

3. Project key → For the Jira URL above, the project key is


4. API token → Once the new Jira account is created, sign in with the new account and create an API token here: https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens

5. Webhook URL → You need admin privileges to configure webhooks, so sign in with your admin Jira account and follow the URL in step 5.

Add labels = fogbender in the JQL query input and select all options under Issue and Comment.


Then, click “Create” at the bottom of the page.