Customer support for B2B companies

2-way integrations with
Traditional customer support systems are designed for communicating with individuals, not teams.
Namely, they lack the plumbing for bringing users on the same customer team together. This causes problems:
Lack of transparancy
Duplicate work, trapped knowledge
Conseals technical champions
Decreased customer satisfaction, lost revenue, higher churn
“Tooling around B2B customer support has long been overlooked by CSM vendors – super excited to see Fogbender shake things up in the space!”
Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight
Fogbender—the basics
The Fogbender embeddable team messaging widget connects all users within a customer organization with your support agents
Fogbender agent app—a glimpse
The Fogbender agent app is specifically designed for managing communication between vendor and customer teams in B2B environments
Ticket management in Fogbender
Link customer support conversations to tickets in your developer-facing issue tracking system—Jira, Asana, GitHub, GitLab, Height, Linear, etc
Two-way sync between Fogbender and MS Teams
The Fogbender Microsoft Teams integration enables your support agents to assist the users of an enterprise customer org that requires your presence in a Microsoft Teams channel
AI helps a support agent with a tricky user question
Leverage AI to help support agents with tricky user questions
Fogbender + Slack Connect
The Fogbender Slack—Shared Channel Integration keeps tracks of threads, assignments, and promises in your existing customer shared channels
Fogbender + HubSpot = ❤️
Connect your CRM to Fogbender to display customer data in Fogbender UI, and Fogbender tickets in the CRM